Sonsi Restaurant

"Exploring the country through your taste-buds" is how John Sison describes the experience of his longganisa platter at Sonsi House of Longganisa.

Travelling from Ilocos in the North, down the Cagayan Valley, through Central Luzon and into the Visayas, Sison has traversed the archipelago in search of the perfect examples of our beloved local longganisa.

Each region has its own distinct flavor, differentiated through the use of garlic, spices and preparation techniques.

"I found that my suppliers are been using recipes and techniques that have been in their families for over two generations, which also explains why the different regions are so proud and protective of their longganisa heritage."

When Sonsi House of Longganisa first opened in 2008 it focused primarily on longganisa, but Sison wanted to bring more flavors and regional dishes into the menu. 

He added Kansi to the menu after a trip to Negros, and playfully adapted the famous Boracay choriburger after a week on the island. Daing na bangus was sourced from Bonoan after a great post-golf meal at a roadside carinderia.

The menu today is as varied as the imagination of the owner-chef who continuously surprises guests with his daily specials and hands-on approach.

Sonsi House of Longganisa is also a great place to just hang out over drinks and pica-pica. The vibe is relaxed with a mix of local regulars, professionals, radio DJ’s and the odd Russian ballet instructor. The music is varied and always eclectic, reflecting the personality of its owner.

Sison is always on the go and exploring the islands looking for the next food discovery to be served at his restaurant to let guests experience this country through their taste buds.

Sonsi House of Longganisa, Madison Square, Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City.